Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday morning

I didn't want to get out of bed this morning because of the pain. I thought if I slept longer maybe it would go away. I wasn't surprised that I had pain because I didn't take any medication during the night.

I was really feeling sorry for myself. And, for the first time I was felling like "why me, will I really get better."

My first stop was the porcelain throne-still very constipated from the drugs and because the tumor is preventing my pancreas from creating bile.

Nothing happened, damn. I did manage to read another chapter from Brad Thor’s The Lions of Lucerne. The book is about a secret service agent, Scott Harvart, who is caught up in a plot to kill the president and blame it on Muslims. Scott is having a bad day but I think would rather be in his position right now.

I took my medication and within 30 minutes I started feeling better. My challenge will be remaining positive.

Steve will mentor me today in the use of an I-touch and particularly how to load stuff from I-tunes. We’ll also probably clean some guns. At the moment Pat and Steve are participating in a 5k fun walk. Later this evening we may even try some salsa dancing.

Earlier this week, Bob Hutter -a college room mate called. Bob is a very close friend who always makes me laugh. We decided that we, along with Frank Jacobs –another college roommate, would meet in Atlantic City early Dec. I also asked Steve to join us and will ask Chris to come also. [After my father’s funeral in May, my immediate family went to AC-it’s a place where you can escape reality.]

For the next hour or so, I will be playing ham radio. My ham radio buddies have been very supportive.


  1. Dad,
    So sorry you didn't feel well this morning. I'm glad Steve is there this weekend to help keep you and mom positive. I am looking forward to seeing you soon.Lots of Love,