Thursday, October 22, 2009

Havibg a lousy day

Had a rough night, not sure why. Trying to get a handle dispensing medication. Feel like I have the flu-one of the side effects of chemo.
Bought an I-touch yesterday (I already have a Blackberry Storm so I didn't need an I-phone.) In the process of adding my email account to the I-touch I somehow deleted messages I hadn't read and ones I wanted to keep. I set out this afternoon to mail a packaage FEDEX at Office Max-after waiting 30 min it was determined they their computer was broke. So I took the package to the UPS store and paid a third more to have UPS ship it.Got the mail, in it was the title to the Porsche with my name spelled wrong. I had to take it to the dealer for resolution.
had to call the hospital where I had my biopsy because my insurance company wanterd me to pay $7000 for the outpatient surgery. Apparently the hospial botched the paper work. Seems to be on track now.Call a former employer to check on some life insurance matters-got great assistance but learned that the former head (Greg) of HR died from cancer. Greg was 53; he had colon cancer but it spread to his liver. The surgery was successful but when the blood moved through his liver, he had complications and died. Greg was a good guy. Makes me wonder about surgery should I become eligble! I hope rest of the day is uneventful.


  1. Wow! Sorry to hear the fatigue is continuing. Its just amazing to have the type of days you just had --- can't anyone do their job right!

    Hope your evening is better and you get some quality rest tonight.

  2. John, as a decades-long friend and Bob's wife, please "Don't stop believin" as Journey belted out over 30 years ago. Bob really valued today's conversation with you. Much love and many prayers to you, Pat and your family.