Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chemo effects

It is Tuesday evening...just finished dinner. No nausea; however, I'm very tired. Pain is about the same. The fatigue may be from gym workout. managed to get a long ride through the surrounding hills...put the Porsche through a vigoros workout on winding roads. Love that car.

I'm down to 209 that's 30 lbs below my high this year. I'm ready to drop another pants size-my goal is 175. The last time I was 175 was the late 60s.

I plan to adjust my medications, which I don't need like blood pressure and some diabetic and colesterol drugs. Taking more drugs then needed may also be responsible for my fatigue.

Still have a positive attitude although I tend to be a bit grouchy


  1. John...

    Creating a blog like you have done here is a good thing for you as well as for all your many ham radio friends. Everyone appreciates your willingness to share your experiences. Moreover, we are all pulling for you in your fight against cancer.

    God bless you!


    KG9OM (X K4QKY)

    Don and Pat Snodgrass
    5 Woodhaven Estates
    Metropolis, Illinois 62960


  2. Dad,

    Its late afternoon Wednesday - how are you feeling? Hopefully as good or better than the day before.

    Love Steve

  3. John, we've never met but I am a very satisfied customer of FlexRadio and just received this news. Terrific blog. I am praying for you every day. Hang in there, miracles happen every day.

    Mark Lunday