Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BM soooo good!

I remember my father saying that a good bowel movement was very important to one’s health. How right he was. The problems leading up to my cancer were all GI tract related. Constipation was and still is a real problem for me. This morning however I had a very good BM, which immediate improved my disposition :-).

While writing this update I received a call from Pete Celentano. Pete and I have an interesting history going back to kindergarten. Pete is arranging for a reunion with some of the gang I went to elementary school with. The first weekend /week of December is shaping up to be real adventure with reunions including family and another with my college buds in Atlantic City. And of course, visits with other close friends.
Just the idea of seeing guys that I haven’t seen in awhile is a morale boost.


  1. I love your positive attitude and your sense of humor! You are absolutely right, there is nothing like family and friends to boost our morale during difficult times. Enjoy your forthcoming reunions and celebrations!
    Lu Miller

  2. Dad, never thought I would be so happy for you to go #2 or that you would ever be sharing that information on line! Congrats anyway! luv ya!