Sunday, October 25, 2009

Better today

I managed to get a full night sleep in part due to better drug control. I woke up with some pain but with a good attitude. Popped some pills and I'm good to go for about 6 hours before I have to take more pills.

My morale is very high after hearing this week from college buddies and other friends from my youth. It was sure good to talk with them.

We recently got new neighbors-Suzanne and Ken, who are terriffic people. Yesterday they went to a Half-price book store and purchased about 30 books from my favorite or soon to be authors after learning of my interest in sleuth/special agent novels. I find that losing myself in a good novel goes a long way to temper pain.

Steve and I are going to a car show at a local mall later today.

Tomorrow is round two of chemo. I'll provide an update tomorrow afternoon.


  1. Dad, hope you chemo goes well today. I had a great time with you and mom this past weekend. The car show was really amazing. I actually really enjoyed cleaning all those guns in the garage with you (very mentally relaxing for me). Your neighbors are amazing. By the way, I listened to the CD they made for you on the way home and it was incredible - ALL great songs!

  2. Mr. Basilotto,

    This is Josh Strommen. I wanted to say "hey", and that Leslie and I are hoping that this unfair and unfortunate circumstance goes as well as possible. We look forward to your updates, and pray for your resiliency and strength.