Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Lat week we went to Disney World with family.  Being with family is very comforting. I can't belive how lucky I am to have such great kids (and grandkids)  and an incredible loving wife.

I started chemo on Monday. It was relatively painless and uneventful. I was told that the chemo I am receiving typically doesn't cause nausea and things like hair loss.

I have loss over 30 lbs and about to drop another pants size. I haven't looked this good in quite a while.

During the next three weeks I plan to get my "things in order."  After the first round of chemo we will go to Wash. DC and perhaps to NJ to visit with friends and family. 

I am still active with ham radio and look for every excuse to take the Porche for a spin to satisfy my need for speed :-)

I am headed for the gym-got to tone up the body.


  1. Dad, great to hear that you are still feeling good the day after your first round of Chemo - going to the gym should only make you feel better. Its a really nice day in Austin so get out and enjoy your new ride. Kieana and I had a wonderful time in Florida with you and the family - thanks for making such a wonderful trip happen!

  2. John, I just learned of your medical condition from John, HK3OZ/VE1OZ, a mutual friend. You and I have spoken on 20 meters on a few occasions. Please accept my best wishes as you go through this ordeal and, as you seem to be doing well so far, keep your spirits up and keep believing in miracles. Best regards, Ron, W4ALJ.