Thursday, October 29, 2009

Interesting morning

Started today like most days with a medium level of pain in the pancreas. Within about 30 minutes the pills I took when I got out of bed kicked in and I was ready for the rest of the day.
My typical morning consist s of a light breakfast, read the newspaper, check email and listen to ham radio. Some mornings I get on the air but I prefer to listen more than transmit these days.
This morning was a little different.
I received a call from a friend whose life is in disarray. He called to check on me but I think he was looking for someone who would listen to him. He ‘s getting a divorce he doesn’t want, taking care of his father who can’t take care of himself and will most likely lose his job. It was obvious he was at his rope’s end. I told him he needed to get help immediately. He said he had tried therapy but it didn’t work. I suggested that he call a neighbor or friend but he said he didn’t have any. I asked for his phone number and told him I would call him back to check on him. As I hung up, I could hear him crying in the background.
I immediately called 911 in his home town and asked them to go to his house immediately. They said they would. I will check on him later.
The irony of the situation this morning is he can do something about his situation, I am at the mercy of cancer that has engulfed my pancreas. Yet, he is clearly in more pain.
I guess we all have our problems, some small, others not so small.
I am having lunch today with today with a previous employer when I was doing consulting work. We use to have weekly lunches to discuss world matters. I enjoyed those times and hope today will be one of those times again.
Tomorrow, I am having lunch with my boss when I was president of the radio network. He’s a great guy and showers me with praise for saving the radio station every time I see him. He exaggerates my contributions but it feels good.
Went to the gym this morning which I’m sure will take its toll tomorrow.

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  1. Wow. I hope that you are able to reconnect with your fried later today and ensure that he is doing better. I respectively disagree with you on the fact that your friend can do something about his situation and he cannot. What I am slowing learning is "our situation" at any given point in time is NOT about us. In fact, its about what we do each other to make the world a better place by even the most simple, unnoticed acts. We are all children of God and will never know our individual purpose in this life. What we should understand is that we are here to enrich the lives of each other, through which we receive "Life" a quality life vs. an empty one. You are correct that you cannot "medically" do any more than you already are with respect to the cancer - but you can be a special person to those around you and visa versa each and every day. The experience with your friend today is just such a situation. Ironically, I received a call a few hours ago about a friend you had just gotten married Wednesday, is scheduled to have big 40th B-Day party Sunday and who's new husband of 2 day just was rushed to the hospital after having a heart attack. God works in mysterious ways.........