Saturday, October 31, 2009

Had a sub sandwich last night.

I have  very little interest in eating these days which probably accounts for the loss of 33 lbs. Last night was different. I had a craving for a Basilotto Special- a family specialty. For those of you that don't know, the Basilotto Special is a derivative of the Basil's Atomic Sub sold by my uncle Mickey at his south jersey sub shop in the 1950s.

I made a big sandwich which in earlier times, I could have eaten by myself.  Steve was here so he ate most of it. Pat also ate a good piece. I ended up with a small section but it satified my desire. This is rather significant because I'm not suppose to have processed foods and raw veggis. I was concern with how I would feel when I woke this morning. Suprisingly, I woke up feeling better than usual. I guess that is why they call it comfort food :-).

I'm off for a walk than a trip to the gym. Still counting on a miracle!.

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